Top 10 Packing Tips when Moving Home

Moving house can be stressful, but here are a few points to help you survive the process and use it to your advantage. That said here at BHR, we can provide you with a fully tailored service and do all or some of the packing for you.

Use moving home as an excuse to have a clear-out

The more you get rid of the less you have to pack. Moving house is great time to go through all those drawers which have random bits and bobs and be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it for 2 years, maybe you don’t need it anymore? Use moving house as the perfect time to have a good clear out, obviously some things are sentimental, however balance sentiment against practicality. Every house has a few secret places that random bits and bobs are stashed. You needn’t have to throw it all away, perhaps donate some of your unwanted possessions to a charity shop or do a car-boot.

Should I pack myself?

Depending on what is needed to be packed, you might consider getting help packing up your house. We can provide you with a number of services. We can provide you with boxes to help you get packing, or alternatively do it all for you, and you simply enjoy the house move.

So how long will it take ?

If you haven’t moved before or for some considerable time; packing up a house takes more time than you think. Especially if you are doing it after having lived there for quite some time. Start early. if you think you can do it all in one evening, think again. Unless you live in a tiny studio flat, chances are moving house will take a good couple of days. Focus on things that you don’t need day to day. That cheese toaster, or the random kitchen utensils that you never touch. The kitchen often takes the longest. You will find you can pack up 80% of it and still be able to cook and entertain. Identify one cupboard that you will store the essentials, then complete one cupboard at a time.

Pack as much as you can ahead of the moving day. Items that you don’t need on a daily basis can be packed up well in advance.

Pack room by room and label

Once all the boxes are packed away in our lorry good organising beforehand will pay dividends. Make sure you label up boxes with which room it should be put in for the new house. In addition try and identify all that is in the box including notes of importance in unpacking.

10 Top hints for sensible house packing

  •     Use small boxes to pack heavy items
  •     Use large boxes for lighter items.
  •     Before you move stockpile newspapers for packing materials.
  •     Tape up knives and sharp implements for safety purposes.
  •     Make the most of suitcases etc for more packing boxes.
  •     Russian dolls – Make the most of hollow items – pack things inside other things.
  •     You needn’t pack everything – larger items can be dealt by our team like bikes, patio furniture etc..
  •     Tell us when we come and survey your house which items will need to be moved and those which need dismantling.
  •     Use good strong tape when sealing your boxes.
  •     Try and involve your family in the packing, perhaps your children could pack up their toys etc and ultimately help you out..ish

If you need any help or advice just contact us and we will happily help you with any of your questions.

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